Why Stephanie L. McJury’s Soccer Coaching Successes Transformed Her Current Hospitality Career

Over the years, Stephanie L. McJury has become a dedicated and skilled hospitality professional who handles event creation, logistics, and much more in a fast-paced and exciting environment. Her continual aura of optimism has taken her far in this life. Anyone who knew her during her high school and college days wouldn’t be surprised, though, as she took important life lessons from her soccer coaching experiences and now uses them in her day-to-day career.

How Stephanie L. McJury Uses Her Coaching Years in Her Current Career

Stephanie L. McJury has always believed in the importance of physical fitness and even now she enjoys staying in shape. She has finished the Marine Corps Marathon twice, completed eight half marathons, and many other 5K, 10K, and 10-mile races. This love of physical fitness started early in life when she not only played soccer as a young woman but coached soccer through high school and college.

Her coaching career started in high school, where she coached Direct Kick Soccer Camp and Fast Feet. These unique learning experiences provided young players with the chance to get hands-on experience in an immersive soccer environment. She helped these players work on their technique, including dribbling, shooting, passing, defense, and overall tactical strategies and skilled logistical understanding associated with this incredibly tactical game.

In college, Stephanie L. McJury transitioned to coaching Soccer Camp on Whidbey Island and as a coach for Washington State. These unique jobs, along with her time as a Beer Cart Server at Monroe Golf Club, taught her about the importance of hard work. They also introduced her to the unique capabilities that she would use when transitioning to her successful hospitality career in a way that has helped her thrive beyond her wildest dreams.

How did these experiences affect and influence her current career? It might not make sense on the surface because coaching and hospitality are quite different. However, digging deeper into the inherent skills she learned as a coach makes it clear that the toughest and most challenging jobs always leave behind important abilities and skills that make just about any career easier to handle with ease.

For example, Stephanie L. McJury learned about the importance of persistence and patience while coaching. As a student coach, she had to take a strong hand with some of her fellow players, some of whom weren’t always so serious about their sports education. That serious approach helps her thrive in a hospitality setting by making it simpler to prioritize tasks and get them done on time and to her many clients’ demanding requirements and expectations.

Furthermore, teaching important coaching strategies has taught her a lot about logistics. Just think about the nature of soccer for a minute. As a sport, it is incredibly tactical and based on proper positioning and delivering the ball to the right spots. In this way, it mirrors hospitality incredibly well. Knowing when to order important items, who to send to specific jobs, and how to plan an event’s execution all require the deep logistical knowledge she learned as a skilled soccer coach.

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