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Things To Know Before Buying A Baseball Windscreen

Athletics / Baseball

Both young and adults are fond of playing various sports like baseball because it is their passion, a form of exercise, and to spend time with friends. So whenever they are out in the field, they feel inspired and motivated but some things may change their moods, especially when there are destructions, such as strong wind with debris. That is why you will often find a baseball windscreen with various prints or designs to help these individuals focus on reaching their goals.

I supposed you know that every player, especially the athletes are determined to practice and enhance their skills but distractions can greatly affect their performance. So if you are an owner or a manager of a baseball field, then you have to make sure that they can play well by choosing appropriate windscreens. Remember that through these, our players can boost their confidence, especially when the name or logo of their team is printed there.

Anyway, the design is just one of the many things that you need to know for the sake of the teams, especially the winning side or home base. Other factors must be considered when it comes to windscreens and pretty sure that you have a lot in mind, too. I guess you also enjoy playing this sport so pretty sure that you will focus on how to keep the players enhancing their performance level, interest, and willingness to learn more.

Wind Load

We can’t always say that today there would be less wind or tomorrow it would be strong. However, we are aware of this load when we know the place or location of the field well. 

If there is a lesser load, it does not mean that we should change screens or use a light material. It is still important to use a screen that can withstand heavier loads. In this way, we don’t have to worry about how strong the wind is – go to to learn how wind affects the game or performance.


This would surely be an important consideration, especially when you are supporting a particular team. I guess this would be an ideal way to motivate the players and the audience as well. So let’s say that with this, you are cheering for everybody and reminding them to give their best shot.

Keep in mind that these windscreens are wide and huge enough so whatever is printed there would be very visible. That’s why it is also important to choose the right color combination and it must not very strong or bold. Let us not turn this motivation into destruction because they won’t want to look at it if it hurts their eyes so you may try dark colors.

Another eye-catching means of inspiration would be a slogan to boost their spirit. Anyway, just choose a professionally designed one to show honor and appreciation to the sponsors as well as organizers of the event. It doesn’t need to be dramatic or fancy because what matters most is to inspire everybody.

Windscreen Fence, Features, Specification and Application


The next thing that you have to think about is the size so you need an accurate measurement of the fence. Make sure that the size is not higher than the fence to avoid falling off the ground or people near this. But it is better if it would be slightly shorter.

You have to stretch out the screen so you should measure the width as well. A bit shorter is also good so that everything printed out would be visible. If this is too long, then it will look baggy and cheap so it is not pleasing to the eyes.


You have to choose high-quality materials for the windscreen because this is not just about printing the design on it. Remember that this is used to protect the place from strong wind and debris so it has to be durable enough. I supposed you should know the strength of wind flowing in the field to determine how good the material is when it comes to resisting abrasion. In this case, you’ll have to look for knitted or woven and choose between polypropylene – read more, and polyethylene materials.

However, if your priority is the quality of the design either colored text or graphics, then you may have to choose a vinyl-coated windscreen material. Try looking for the meshed one because it is popular nowadays. This is strong enough to fight the wind with small holes on it since it is woven.


Make sure that professionals will work on the installation of the windscreen on your baseball field. This is also to prevent risks from happening. In this way, you can achieve the best protection.

Keep in mind that this has to be installed and installed with the proper measurements. Again, it must be at least 3 inches shorter than the height and ends of the fence.