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Eric Weinberger on What Goes Into Creating a Successful Podcast

Choosing a Focus Is Fundamental to Podcasting Success, Eric Weinberger Says

Tips for Successful Podcasting from Eric Weinberger

Eric Weinberger is an authority on the successful use of mass media. The winner of multiple Emmys, Weinberger is a media mogul who has held key roles in teams that started FOX Sports. He founded and developed the NFL Network and created linear and digital assets for HBO and the Bill Simmons Media Group. He is a co-founder of Ring City USA, a professional boxing content producer for live, weekly boxing matches on NBC Sports and Twitch. And he has some suggestions for aspiring podcasters who are pursuing great ideas.

Keep your podcast focused, Eric Weinberger says

For decades, public radio has had a highly successful program called “All Things Considered.” If you already have an audience of several million listeners and a staff of writers and reporters who are ready to go anywhere and research anything, and you broadcast to people who can’t easily click on another link, you can make a podcast about everything too.

But if you are just starting out, and you are working by yourself, and you have limited resources, it makes sense to focus, focus, focus. You will attract a larger and more loyal audience by being an expert on something rather than a dabbler in everything.

Create an avatar of your audience

Many marketers work with buyer personas. Podcasters can benefit by creating listener and viewer personas and idealized descriptions of the kind of person most interested in your content. Creating an image of a typical member of your audience flows naturally from finding the focus of your podcast.

By clearly defining what your podcast is about, Eric Weinberger says, you can use easily available Internet tools to locate the people who will be most interested in what you have to say. You can find out what they log in to the Internet hoping to learn more about and become their go-to source of information on that team, that sport, that topic. You can become the expert they turn to for the news they care about.

Be consistent

Commit yourself to create new content and new podcasts on a predictable schedule. It is the only way you can get listeners and viewers to click on the link to your podcast in a predictable, profitable way.

Post new episodes regularly. Keep past podcasts online, but let your current audience drive traffic to your archives.

Plan your workflow

Do you want to follow a script, or do you want to ad-lib? Do you want to be the sole voice of your podcast, or do you want guests on every show?

Either way, you need to develop some kind of workflow to develop your ideas and perfect them for your show. When you are working with guests, make sure that everyone is comfortable with how casual or how preplanned your script needs to be.

Don’t forget promotion, Eric Weinberger says

Once you have your podcast posted to your hosting service, Eric Weinberger says, your work has only begun. Successful podcasts thrive on continuous promotion on social media and from third-party sites.